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Harrie Pillay


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Harrie Pillay


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Azran Osman-Rani


Over the last decade, I’ve been privileged to be invited to deliver over 100 keynote addresses and speeches, and moderate panels at various conferences, corporate events, and industry seminars – from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, and Shanghai, to Abu Dhabi, Sydney, London, Paris, Copenhagen, New York, and many more.


My speaking engagement clients include Prudential, Standard Chartered, Maybank, Alliance Bank, UOB, Dell, HP, Google, Samsung, Huawei, Shell, Petronas, Cebu Pacific, Ernst & Young, HULT Business School, Singapore Institute of Management, the Institute of Directors, Denmark, and others.


The messages I share on disruptive innovation and challenging the status quo, building brands in emerging markets, shaping an innovative organizational culture and attacker’s mindset, developing leaders and scaling businesses – all come from my direct personal experiences, both the good and the bad. It’s this first-hand authenticity that connects with audiences. I share practical examples of management practices I have used, which can be applied to any organization, big or small, private or public sector – with the right leadership mindset and drive. The biggest value often comes from the question-and-answer exchange that follows, as my stories inevitably spark curiosity and engagement with audiences.

Even more impactful than keynote speeches are my custom-designed masterclass workshops that engage participants with interactive leadership and team-building exercises, actionable frameworks and advice, practical notes, and memorable stories. These are based on my experience as a CEO, organizing many leadership retreats and management workshops to engage and inspire my teams, to rally around a common vision and goals, and raise our professional game.


Themes for my masterclass workshops include:

  • building high-performance teams: values-based candidate selection and onboarding, performance management and two-way feedback, and mentorship

  • moving with speed and agility and navigating through uncertainty

  • design thinking and customer-focused innovation

  • Maximising mental resilience for peak performance – the Ironman triathlete approach to business leadership.


I also take on a very limited number of clients who seek a personalized executive coaching relationship to help them unleash peak performance. We work together to define a future potential state that breaks through current thinking constraints, translate that into an action plan with regular checkpoints for accountability and motivation. I specialize in working with executives who want to combine excellence in business with excellence in athletic performance and mental resilience. I customize training plans to help them achieve their running, cycling or triathlon goals – integrated with their business and leadership development action plans. In 2013, I completed my first of several Ironman triathlons while taking my company through an intense IPO exercise. With the right plan and personalized coaching to help make the many inevitable changes along the way, it is possible to achieve your fullest potential.​

2017 Endeavor Mentor of the Year